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Full Service

List Media® has the experience, expertise and infrastructure needed to execute successful email marketing campaigns from concept to execution. Effective email marketing is a large and potentially time consuming undertaking and it's more efficient for some organizations to outsource their email projects to an experienced team rather than starting from the ground up. Our customers work directly with our team to come up with email marketing plans specifically designed for their needs. Enjoy unmatched service and attention from our entire staff as we develop an email marketing strategy that works for you.


List Media® doesn't just excel at maintaining and building databases, we're also constantly developing new technologies to improve database management and email marketing success. We work hard to find solutions to unique customer problems as they present themselves and also refine and improve existing tools. Recent projects include improved data hygiene tools and integration of QR codes with sign-up forms. Our physical database technology is also second to none. Our servers are housed in a secure database facility under ideal conditions preventing service outages or worse. This hardware is upgraded frequently to meet growing customer need and to remain fast and efficient.


Demographic overlays, list management and data hygiene!

List Media® specializes in transforming your contact list into a comprehensive database of marketing information. We go beyond email addresses and help you create unique customer profiles. It's our belief that building and maintaining a robust, dynamic and informative database is the key to sustaining business growth.

Along with our partner Peachtree Data, List Media offers powerful data processing and hygiene services.


The NCOA (National Change of Address) database is based on information submitted to the United States Postal Service® for people who have changed their place of residence or business location.


PCOA (Proprietary Change of Address) can be used in conjunction with NCOA to discover even more list members who have change their address and can be used to update your mailing list.


A big question facing mailers is how to prove that a given address is valid. DSF2 (Identifies Deliverable Addresses and Specific Addresses) is a data file that contains all domestic addresses serviced by the U.S. Postal Service®.

Data Enhancement

Demographic and sociographic data appending for residential and business lists.

Telephone Append

Our telephone append services allow clients to add telephone numbers to their current database files.

Our residential phone number databases utilizes two nationally recognized consumer databases rather than just one and is updated twice each month increasing the rate at which we match valid telephone numbers.

Email Marketing

Providing email services since 1995!!

List Media® maximizes your email marketing potential with tested strategies and best practices. We recognize that every company has unique marketing objectives and challenges. List Media provides personalized advice from experts with years of experience to provide you with the best return on investment possible.

Based on your specific needs, we will provide flexible consulting services to launch, manage, and improve your email marketing program. Whether you need help conceptualizing a new email marketing campaign, analyzing your messaging and design, or training on best practices, List Media can arm you with the right strategy and tools to improve results and reach the next level in email marketing.

Email Deliverability

Our integrated authentication services and direct ISP relations ensure that deliverability is uninterrupted and any issue is handled with the utmost expedience.

List Media® maintains relationships with all major ISPs to provide direct feedback loop management while continuously monitoring IPs for blacklist blocks. If there is an issue, our experienced team knows how to remedy it quickly.

Transition Services

Whether you are a new client or returning, List Media®'s transition experts will get you up and running quickly and effectively. We're familiar with most database management programs and we'll work with you to get your list safely stored in our servers.


Design is a key element in any email campaign! Our design staff is very experienced in creating attractive and effective email designs. They've created over one hundred templates for our email marketing system and that doesn't even include designs done for clients. Email is the most important part of our business and we remain up to date with email trends and requirements. Our design staff creates emails that are beautiful on all devices and in all email programs, a feat that is no easy task. Every email browser is set up by an individual and every PC is configured differently, even an experience HTML designer may have trouble if they aren't familiar with email standards. If you don't have a designer on staff and you want a custom design created, we have the knowledge and talent to help. List Media®'s design team also offers customizable layouts that help clients maintain continuity, form, and flexibility. For some recent examples visit our Admail creative page.

Design is important, but content is still king! Provide your customer with worthwhile information and they will eagerly receive your email. We have copywriters on staff who know the email marketing industry inside and out. They are familiar with spam filters and know how to avoid content that will trigger them. They can advise you on content that you've created, or write original content for your email campaigns.


List Media® provides list hygiene and comprehensive standardization to keep your email deployment fast and effective. A quality list is the most important tool that a marketer can have. More contacts doesn't necessarily make for a better list. If your list is not cleaned and maintained, it can create major problems. Our experience with list management is second to none and we will lend you that experience. Our hygiene services will prevent costly delays and IP issues while our database storage methods will keep any amount of list members information standardized, secure and accessible. HIPAA privacy & security available.

Database Hosting...

List Media® provides you with access to your data via a secure socket layer network connection. You can access it 365 days a year, 24 hours a day. We also offer optional real time synchronization for external data sources.

Infrastructure - To ensure the safety of our clients' data, List Media's systems are located in secure data centers that provide redundant internet connectivity, backup power, and excellent physical security. Protected by secure redundant firewalls, our load-balanced email servers, web servers, and database servers provide always-available service. Access to all services, except for web traffic and email, is blocked to provide system security. The highest level of data integrity is ensured through redundant databases leveraging using real-time replication. Data is stored on an enterprise-storage area network that maximizes performance and availability.

List Upload & Download Options or API - We provide configurable mechanisms that allow you to add new records, make updates, and perform on the fly NTHing and list segmentation and synchronization.

Seamless Management...

Opt-In Form and List Hygiene - Input data correction features include opt-in forms with syntax checking javascript and the ability to support single and confirmed (double) opt-in methods.

Unsubscribe - Dynamically generated for each mailing list user, links are automatically appended to out going messages if no other unsubscribe mechanism is found. Multiple unsubscribe options include one-click to unsubscribe form, manual email address remove interface, and reply processing.

Reply-Handling - Automatic reply handling features that process out-of-office replies, and unsubscribe requests. Forwards customer service requests to your customer services staff.


List Media® has been analyzing email activity since 1995. One thing is for certain, each business model is unique. Based on your specific needs, we will provide flexible, customized reporting for complete and thorough analysis of your email marketing data. Based on your requirements, we can design a completely customized reporting solution that leverages all of our available tools.


Key Performance Indicators - These indicators allow you to view a dynamically generated reports of sent, opened, and click-through rates segmented by audience, demographic, and how they compare to the average.

Real-time ISP Status - Real-time ISP Status gives customers a way to monitor, in real time, if an ISP provider is experiencing delays. With this knowledge you can avoid technical issues outside of your control and plan your mailings accordingly.

Campaign Reports - Reports include open, clickthrough, bounce, spam complaints, and unsubscribe activity. Users can also get data for web site analytics, links clicked, messages referred, list quality and effectiveness ratings by request.

Demographic/Recipient Reports - These breakdowns provide collected list member information and activity history based on user information profiles. This information can include location, age, activity and more depending on the information included in the original database.

List Reports - These reports provide insight into the success of an email campaign and allow customers to view campaign and member statistics for individual mailing lists. Reports include list breakdown by domain (e.g. @gmail.com, @yahoo.com, @outlook.com) as well as new monthly subscribers and unsubscribes. Email Reports can also be automatically sent or manually shared with your team or clients.

Emailed Reports - Reports can be automatically emailed at regular intervals to your team or clients.

Aggregate Reports - This data allows customers to view complete statistical reports across all messages sent during a specific timeframe and can be used to download lists of the most recent active members as well as other valuable statistics.

Point of Contact

Connecting customer data, email, and SMS through QRC marketing!

Connecting customer to target audiences through QRCs, sign-up forms, and or social media tool Adsocial®. Building your list and having continued list growth is just as important as list management. List Media® has created tools to help our clients build and grow their lists easily, either at their storefront, website, or through social media with our Adsocial tools. We continue to develop new ways to achieve these goals and often work directly with customers to come up with custom solutions. If your goal is to build or grow your list, we'd be happy to help you create a strategy that utilizes all our tools to provide the best possible results. If you need a unique solution, we're here to help you achieve that as well.


List Media® offers list management and direct marketing services. Based in the Cleveland area, with offices in Miami and Portland, List Media was founded in 1990. Robert Hicks is the founder and an expert in marketing and sales. He directed the company's focus to their online presence in 1995 and since then, the company has developed Admail.net™, a premier email marketing tool. Admail became a powerful and efficient email marketing tool thanks to the key architect, Thaddeus Quintin, who joined the company as an Lead Developer in 2003. Robert and Thaddeus have since been joined by Head Designer, Andrea Moulding. This focused and talented team has helped make Admail a success despite the constantly evolving field of digital marketing. Vision, functionality, information, and great design all make Admail.net™ a success and a true asset to it's users.

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