Class Action Notifications

The most important part of any class action notification is getting it deployed quickly, efficiently, and within court sanctioned guidelines. We have built and maintain the infrastructure necessary to deliver class action email or SMS/Text notifications to your Class Members. While providing you excellent customer service and support, we can notify several thousand or tens of millions quickly and efficiently.

Our team has been working with mass email technology since 1995, and we have the knowledge and staff to ensure that whatever you need for your notification, can be accomplished. Our reporting tools give you extensive data after you've sent a campaign so you can be aware of exactly who opened your message, what addresses are no longer active, and a great deal of other information as well. All of these reports can be leveraged to make sure you contact as many members as possible and that you have the information you need to supply to the court.

We provide secure and reliable database facilities for list member data. Since February 2008, the™ data operations have been housed at QualityTech®’s Atlanta NOC, continuing our nearly perfect record of up-time since 1996. QualityTech Atlanta provides 24/7 building security, redundant power supply, multiple diesel generator back-ups and virtually unlimited bandwidth. All of these features ensure your data is safe, secure, HIPAA compliant and can be accessed quickly when needed. Need to be compliant with SEA Rule 17a-4? We can capture and archive your records for as long as you need.

If you aren't able to reach everyone by email, we have resources to help you begin a direct mailing campaign as well. We provide several options so you can reach your remaining list members at their physical address or by phone. We can work with and help you maintain data in a variety of sources and formats. Our flexibility allows us to respond to any and all specific eccentricities your particular notification may have.

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